Saturday, June 13, 2009


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This is Saturday, June 14th 0r 15th. I am not sure of the date, since one loses track of time when on a vacation. The last two days, Will and I spent in Puyisseguin, a small town of less than 500 souls in the Saint Emilion wine region.

We ate dinner in Saint Emilion, the best known and most beautiful of the wine villages the east of Bordeaux. The sky is a beautiful Robin's egg blue that turns darker as the evening comes on.

Our food the first night in Saint Emilion was at a cafe half way up the hill from the main square. Will had prawns and I had the steak. The food was delicious.

On night two, we returned to the main square. We started with an appetiser of snails in the shell. For the main course, Will had chicken in a red sauce and I had an almost never ending bucket of mussels with French fries. The beer I drank was a Belgian beer, Leff, a little sweeter to the taste than most beers, but good.

Dinner is always best at 9 o'clock or later. By then the hot sun has cooled off and the color of the sky begins to change from the bright pale blue to the rich blue colors of the evening and then the dark indigo blue of the night. the weather is perfect, not as hot as Wichita, cool in the evening, without the need for a sweater or jacket.

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