Thursday, June 25, 2009

dinner at mamarosa

"Touta directa, tres kilometer," the helpful Italian lady said in giving us directions to Mamarosa's restaurant. But, then nothing is direct and three kilometers becomes four then five. Down the winding hill our car rolled left and right until at the bottom we saw Mamarosa's off to the right.

The restaurant is a traditional trattoria, that is, there are set menus, but there is also a fixed menu that most locals eat. The appetizers were eggplant made in a tempura sauce and three types of bruschetta. The segundi, or second course, was pasta - a traditional pasta with sausage and tomato sauce, one with mushrooms, and, finally, one with buffalo. The last choice strangely out of character for Italy.

There was a final course of steak prepared on a arugalla salad. Delicious.

Will was watching Brazil versus South Africa on TV. The score nil after the first half.

We get back to the Villa Poggiale after ten p.m. and have forgotten the key that gets us in the front gate. I climb over the ten foot iron gate with pointed spears at the top. We are then met by a concerned security person, who lets us in. Crisis over.

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