Saturday, June 27, 2009

rainy days never get me down

Even when it rains in Tuscany, there is something to do. A short drive from San Cascione brought us to one of the many small towns that dot the hillside of Tuscany.

As it was raining, we took refuge in this small restaurant run by Marco, a waitress who always wore sunglasses, and a cook who looked to be Marco's mother, who toiled over a traditional Italian oven.

The surprise is sometimes the food, which is excellent; sometimes the setting, which is old or beautiful; and sometimes the staff, who are humanly wonderful.

Our waiter, Marco, was as gracious as could be imagined. The restaurant held no more than four tables in the one room that was open, and Marco was proud to serve his limited but delicious fare. A peek in the kitchen revealed a traditional Italian grill where the food was lovingly prepared by one cook, Mama.

Eventually, the rain lets up and it is picture perfect again.

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