Thursday, June 11, 2009

last night in paris

The last dinner in Paris was at les Halles at the Pied au Cochon, the Pig's Feet. This restaurant celebrates the pig, every single bit and morsel of it, from the ear to the foot. The experience is interesting, to say the least. Imagine shopping at Pet's Smart for treats for your dog, you know, the knuckle bones and ears, then cooking them to perfection and serving this as a dish to French palates. It works. The taste is slightly meaty, more so fatty and salty. Be prepared for cartilage, grissle and fat, plenty of it.

Everything at the Pied au Cochen is done to perfection. The staff of waiters are professional. The plates are delivered steaming hot. The wate is replaced when needed. The check is delivered when requested.

Don't foget to try the French onion soup as an appetiser. It is thick hot and tasty, a meal in itself. The portions are all large by French standards.

While the desserts look good, we left to try the ice cream at the Ile St. Louis. This is real French ice cream and not Italian gelato. The taste is thick and creamy, a little goes a long way.


  1. I'd have to live off the french fries. Have a great time! John Carter

  2. In France French fries are pommes frites.