Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Traditions Home wants to know:

Are you blue? 

A Personality Color Code tells you that if you are, then you are true, passionate, and creative.

The other personality colors are red, yellow, and white, allowing no possibility of the many shades and hues that fill up the rainbow of colors our world is filled with. Nor, does the code allow for the many shades of grey and white.

Maybe blue reminds you of the ocean waves and the deep blue sea, or the blue sky on a mountain side. Maybe blue is your favorite flower or the color of your true love’s eyes. Maybe, blue is the color of your baby's eyes. And maybe you like the way it rhymes with “you”.

The color code may not be accurate, but it makes us curious to wonder what pseudo-psychologist say about our blue fascination.

Blue as a metaphor

Blues are steady as the waves, ordered as the tides and enduring as the ocean. Blues love with a deep passion. They are the well-spring of our society, creators of our culture, ones who foster home and love. They are loyal and true blue in the most trying circumstances, even when clouds turn the skies grey.

They strive to be the very best.