Friday, June 19, 2009

just a small town boy

Well, I am not really a small town boy. I am an army brat, who lived everywhere growing up, so I guess I have always had the urge to travel. Still, it is nice to call somewhere home and that somewhere for the last twenty years has been Wichita.

I enjoy reading the College Hill Commoner, the best paper west of the Hudson, written and edited by someone who came from the Hudson River Valley. (I think I got that right, if I didn't Barry will correct me.)

There are a slew of Wichitans traveling to Europe this summer despite the dismal exchange rate. Will and I left June the 8th and have been scooting by car throuygh France, Spain, and eventually, Italy, and maybe Switzerland and Germany. My wife Robin and daughter Hannah will join us in Florence. Craig and Deana Robinson, along with others on a K-State sponsored trip, friends and newlyweds, Nick and Tara, and other friends from Overland Park, Carol and Chris Walker. We are all converging on Italy from different directions and can be found in the area in and around Florence.


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