Monday, June 15, 2009

the long and winding road

Wanting a drive along the sea, we asked at the front desk of the hotel whether we should drive east to Hondarribia or west to Zarautz.

The long and winding road west on the N634 from San Sebastian leads to Zumaia. At Zarautz it hugs the coast line, the hillside towers above and the sea pounds the rocks below. Zarautz has a wonderful beach almost as fine as that of San Sebastian, but without the island in the middle that tames the waves at the beach of La Concha. The tourists have passed by Zarautz. Its beach front development is more apartment than hotel or restaurant. Will and I had lunch of fish and French fries and then continued down the beach to Getari and then Zumaia. It is a short drive and a nice respite from the bustle of San Sebastian.

The short road back to San Sebastian is along the A8.

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