Friday, June 26, 2009

adam, laurie, charlie, and olie

Despite adversity, the Workman family arrived at Villa Poggiale.

The adversity was a car breakdown on the autoroute at Piacenza. This was the final resting place of Adam's Volvo V4o T4. Adam said that the car was once as fast as "shit off a shovel." Now it is just "shit". The temperature gauge went from 100 degrees to 140 degrees. "I got the hood up and there was oil everywhere," Adam said. "I put water in the radiator and, like a geyser, the water rose 40 feet in the air."

Travel insurance allowed the family to be towed into the city where they were put up in at a Holiday Inn. An evening at Bella Napoli, the restaurant where all the footballers go. Then, the next day they got a rental car.

Now the Workmans are in Tuscany. We are sitting here and drinking wine out of a box, South African Red Wine with a picture of a zebra raising its tail. The wine tastes like the picture.

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