Saturday, June 13, 2009

saint emilion

In the eighth Century, a Breton monk, Emilian came to what is now known as Saint-Emilion. He left his family and native region to take holy orders. Originally a victim of injustice, he reacted by being kind. The forests of the area are now gone and the hillsides are terraced with rows of grape vines producing the rich reds, and occasional white grapes of Bordeaux.

The countryside is now sprinkled with chateau, each one proudly displaying its name and vintage. Even Chateau Roche in Puisseguin, just to the east of Saint Emilion and west of Montagne, the town in which we are staying, proudly markets its own Chateau Roche Margaux and Premier.

The Chateau Roche is an eighteenth century edifice,built of the native limestone that makes up the bedrock of the hills of the region of Saint Emilion. The rooms are well-kept. The overall feeling is one of peace and quiet. Everyone at the hotel goes to bed early having, presumably, spent much of the day drinking many of the wines of the area.

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