Saturday, July 4, 2009

we sat in the car all day

My family and I didn't leave Cinque Terre for Bellagio until one in the afternoon. A morning on the beach and a swim in the water was worth it in order to get a late start on the four hour trip to Lake Como and Bellagio, the Pearl of the Lake.

We arrived at six p.m. and the weather was in a word, spectacular. But, thirty minutes later, the clouds moved in from the north and sun and postcared views have become drenching rains. One can see perhaps a hundred feet. The thunder cracks its peels like a cannon shot. The water spouts from the hotel are shooting the rain out like the other water displays at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Only a tourist would be out on a night like this. I drove all day while my family sat in the car. They had the opportunity to sleep and did so, so t.hat when we got to Bellagio they were ready to do the tourist thing. I tried to warn them, but no one listens to a dad. (Remember Chevy Chase in Family Vacation?)

Off they went lloking for George Clooney, who has a house here, or other similar pearls, while I sit here in the room looking out over the lake enjoying the storm and wondering why no one listens to Dad anymore.

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