Thursday, July 9, 2009

random thoughts

We arrived in Reims after a grueling trip though back roads from Graffigny. If you imagine the road system in France as a giant wheel with Paris as the hub and spokes stretching out to the major regions, you will get a bit of an idea of how the traffic system works. So long as you are travelling along one of the spokes, the trip is fast and quick. But, when the trip requires going from one spoke to another, it can get a little tricky. Traffic, trucks, narrow roads, rain, and confusing signs all add to the experience. Still, there can be unexpected surprises, such as our happening on Doremy, the birthplace of Joan of Arc. Then, there are the hundreds and thousands of little villages that never made it into the tour books, but possess their own charm.

Arrived in Reims tired and ready for rest. Will and I are straying at the Hotel Mercore, just off the canal and a quarter mile from the cathedral. The hotel is like a Sheraton and if you like that kind of hotel, then this is the place. One thing to keep in mind is the super highway that runs along the other side of the canal. It makes for a lot of traffic noise.

Dan and Chris -Will and I thought of you while we dined at the Cafe du Palais. It is a kitchy (is that spelled right?) place that has good local food - the Reims ham is popular - and, of course, champagne. I took some pictures and will try and upload them later.

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