Saturday, July 4, 2009

out of order

My posts are now a bit out of order. Three days in Monterossa, the largest and prettiest town in Cinque Terre, left me disconnected and out of touch with the word. The disconnect was refreshing. All there is to do is enjoy the sea, the people and friends, Craig and Dena Robinson were there, and the food.

Being disconnected is not terribly disconcerting. It reminds you that there was a time, not terribly long ago, that we lived in relative isolation. News did not travel at the speed of light. If a celebrity, such as Michael Jackson, died, it was often days, weeks, or months before you learned of it. Distance separated us, it created other worlds where culture and religion, and the old ways were preserved and maintained. Not so any more.

I love gelato, and I feel that the internet is, in a sense, taking all the flavors and stirring them up into one big and bland mixture. Forget sorting it all out. The tourists, the locals, the internet, the television, cell phones and such have brought us all together for good and bad - good because its nice to be connected in a vast global village and bad because I like strawberry gelato.

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