Saturday, July 11, 2009

dinner at the bugle inn

The Bugle Restaurant on Park Lane in Twyford, England reopened in March 2008 after an absence of four years. Twyford is three miles south of Winchester.

The restaurant is owned and managed by its chef, Lenny Carr-Roberts. Chef Lenny and his team of locally trained restauranteurs catered for the Twyford Summer Ball Dinner. It was acclaimed as a triumph by the more than 300 residents who attended this charity event.

Thw Bugle has quickly become one of Hampshire's most recognized restaurants - a traditional pub updated with modern decor. The menu combines traditional English foods including lamb, fish cakes, and steak and ale pie, as well as, continental selections, including mussels, and lighter fare such as Caesar salad. Chef Lenny chooses locally sourced food and changes the fare daily; so look forward to a new delight with each visit.

The service is great, the food tasty, and the setting casual and relaxed. Enjoy.


  1. We entertained our relatives from America at the Bugle and had an evening with great food and friends.

    Adam Workman

  2. Coming from the states, I found the lamb chump well prepared and choices of desert excellent. The combination of great food and excellent service in a local setting was a treat.

    Art Davis and family

  3. Hey Art, Chris was able to get you and Will a flight leaving Manchester on Saturday the 18th at 10:50am on flight 65. You will need to spend the night in Atlanta. I will look for a hotel for you. This is John Carter typing for Robin.

    You do have an English adapter in your international case to charge your phone. Please charge it so we can call. Have fun! It was 103 degrees here today.

  4. PS Robin wants to know if lamb chump tastes anything like lamp chops. :)