Saturday, July 11, 2009

The House

This is the front view of my grandmother's house in Graffigny-Chemin. The house is not visible from the street because of a high wall that surrounds the property.

The house faces the village and the main street leading up to the church. The right side of the house faces the church. Visitors were received by horse and carriage in the front. Then, horse and carriage would then be kept in a separate building in the back, or in other farm buildings up the street adjoining the farmland.

To the left of the house is the garden which is fairly large, taking up perhaps half an acre or more.

The garden consists of flowering beds set off by boxwoods. There are two pergolas, one is overgrown with an ancient tree , the other pergola fallen down and only the base remains. Along the wall separating the garden from the house is a water well which collects runoff from the rain.

For a good history of the village see this site.

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