Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dick Whittington

I had dinner at Dick Whittington's Pub last night. Dick Whittington and his cat are semi-folk characters first written about in 1605. The story centers on Dick, a poor boy, and his cat who go off on various adventures. The cat makes Dick rich, but does not seem to get much in return from Dick for his good deeds.

Richard Whittington was a real person, the son of a knight and himself a rich merchant in London. He served three terms as Lord mayor of London: 1397-99, 1406-07, and 1419-1420. On his death in 1423, he left his estate to charitable causes.

Dinner at the restaurant was appropriately fish and chips. I am not a fried fish fan, but this was excellent. The fish was fried whole, 14 inches in length and, amazingly filleted. There were mounds of thick English style French fries and peas on the side. The sauce was a spicy mayonaisse.

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