Wednesday, July 15, 2009

70 million

The population of Great Britain, now 60 million, is expected to reach 70 million by the year 2028. Seventy percent of the increase will be due to immigration. Texas, by comparison, is roughly the same size as Great Britain with only 24 million people. At its present rate of growth, Texas' population will double within 20 years.

Statistics mislead. Projected trends level off over time. Still, with land scarce, the question is where to put everyone. In England, the answer is in smaller houses and more apartments. This, however, is changing the life style of the English from one of country villages to large urban cities. How many more Manchesters or Birminghams do the English want on their beautiful landscape?

It is such a sensitive question that only the bravest or most fool-hardy politician would want to answer - when is enough enough?

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