Sunday, July 5, 2009

it's a small world

One comes to the conclusion that it is a small world after all, when after traveling from Wichita, Kansas to Italy's Cinquetere, you run into friends from back home.

Dena and Craig Robinson stayed in Vernazza, just a stone's throw from Monterossa, two of five cities that make up Italy's Cinquetere. Dena and Craig are staying in a hotel on the main square. Look closely over Dena's head, you can see Craig's K-State t-shirt drying on the balcony. I can't resist the cliche, When in Rome...

You almost need to be a goat to make the walk from Vernazza to Monterossa. The marrow winding trail takes you up the hill over a thousand meters from sea level.

Dena and Craig hiked the route the next day and brought along trail friends from Australia with whom we shared a beer or two. David and his wife are retired ranchers and farmers from Queensland taking a five month vacation in Europe.

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