Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spain - the Cantabrian Coast and Old Castile

Somewhere around the 15th of June, Will and I will find ourselves leaving France and driving into Spain. The first town we will come to will be Hondarriba. (Called Fuentearrabia in Spanish, this is Basque country and the language is Basque.) For a google map of the area click here.

Now you have to make a decision - either drive south to Pamplona and on to the Palacio de Real Olite, a 15th century fortress, or head west past Bilbao and the Guggenheim Museum to Santillana del Mar. It is called the most picturesque town in Spain, but allows no cars unless you are staying there. The Altamira Caves are close by. This begins the northern route on the pilgramage to Santiago de Compestelo. For more information, see

Check out the hotels on Expedia. I tried Comillas and found the hotel (with just 9 rooms) already booked for the 16th of June.

Have to go now. I will add more later.

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