Sunday, May 31, 2009

blogging using twitter

Technology is moving fast, too fast. Blogs, MySpace, Facebook, now, Twitter. There is a dizzying array of social networking sites out there. These sites allow the free expression of ideas and thoughts from anyone to anyone. Gone are the constraints of distance and cost. No wonder that newspapers are feeling the loss of readers and advertising revenue as online news from sources such as the Huffington Post pave the way into a new frontier of cyber-news.

The latest social networking tool is Twitter. Although limited in the amount of content, it nevertheless permits instantaneous responses to ongoing topics. The rave, as they say, is to incorporate twitter into a blog or website to allow reader comment as the story unfolds. Again, the Huffington Post demonstrates this use in action.

Here's how they do it: In the blog underneath the story, insert the twitter logo and then type a link to twitter. This link is to a story on bullfighting. The Post changes the link words to Follow HuffPost on Twitter. Now the reader can get other readers' reactions to the story.
If you are not squeemish, watch the video.

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