Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rouen, France

On the 12th of June, after three days in Paris, Will and I will drive north and west along the A13 (D65) to Rouen. The distance is 135 km, or an hour and a half in driving time.

On the way from Paris to Rouen, stop at Giverny (a distance of 75 km), where you will visit Monet's Garden.

The cathedral was painted by Monet.

Gone are the days when the traveler has to take bulky and cumbersome maps to find directions. ViaMichialen and MapQuest both give the traveler great online maps and directions from spot to spot. The ViaMichelin site has the advantage of noting on the map hotels, restaurants, and tourist locations. The Michelin map directions show the actual signs and post the toll costs.

In Rouen, the Frommer's Guide recommends staying at the Hotel Cardinal across from the cathedral. A second choice nearby is the Hotel de la Cathedral, opposite the Archbishops Palace where Joan d'Arc was tried. This latter hotel looks like the better find.

Photos by Anne Marie of Vienna Virgina.

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