Saturday, May 30, 2009


A little over a year ago, we got a new dog. We had a dog, Lizzie, a Welsh Corgie, so, we didn't need a second dog, but it was a gift, and you gifts should always be received with a warm heart. We received Sam, our new German Shephard, with excitement. She was the gift of a dear friend of Robin's.

Puppies are always a bundle of joy. They are cute and cuddly. They are loving and in need of loving. They complete our lives.

Don't get me wrong. Children do the same thing. It's just that puppies don't talk back. Puppies love unconditionally. They do it without an attitude. Children, god bless them, at some point in their lives, become the anti-Christ. They don't finish their dinner, don't clean-up after themselves, and bark back at every request a parent makes.

Sam has been a great dog. She is much larger now. Like all German Shephard adults, she strikes fear into the hearts of most people. German Shephards are by nature and temperment agressive. We have worked hard with Sam to socialize her. It is hard work. Daily, we walk her by other people and other dogs. We have had her in two training sessions with experts.

The work and training have paid off (that's Abby Fletcher with Sam).

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